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We have been actively searching for medical and health information on the internet for customers since 1997. Because of the explosive growth and changing complexity in medical and health information on the internet (over 30,000 medical and health sites existed a few years ago and the number continues to grow), each year we must expand and improve our own retrievel methods to provide the best services. We continue to be more efficient in how we search daily for news, general articles and journal articles from the internet.

Today, InfoMedSearch, LLC is now providing selected medical and health information from both the internet and medical libraries. We have also added "InfoMedLinks", which are topics based on the medical and health information our customers have been requesting. We are adding new topics to this list each year. Our InfoMedLinks are updated daily at our web site. We have a free online newsletter that allows you to keep up monthly with our latest articles.

Randall McWilliams, Ph.D. (UC Berkeley, UC Irvine - neurobiology) is the director of our services. He has extensive experience in searching for information on the internet and utilizing databases. He is interested in developing more efficient means of accessing medical and health information from the internet and improving the way we insert and retrieve internet medical information stored in our own databases. (He has several computer and database certifications, including a MCDBA from Microsoft and an OCP from Oracle).

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