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Evidence-Based Medicine Selections 2002-2004



Do patients need to read research?

Evidence-based medicine for consumers: a role for the Cochrane Collaboration

Evidence-Based Medicine/Outcomes/Clinical Guidelines

What's the E for EBM?


A categorization and analysis of the criticisms of Evidence-Based Medicine (International Journal of Medical Informatics)

A philosophical analysis of the evidence-based medicine debate. (BMC Health Services Research (2003))

Barriers to evidence based practice in primary care: a review of the literature. (Int J Nurs Stud)

Does anybody read "evidence-based" articles? (BMC Medical Research Methodology (2003))

Ethics of evidence based medicine in the primary care setting. (J Med Ethics)

Evidence-based medicine and women: do the principles and practice of EBM further women's health? (Bioethics)

Evidence b(i)ased medicine—selective reporting from studies sponsored by pharmaceutical industry: review of studies in new drug applications (BMJ (2003))

Evidence-based retrieval in evidence-based medicine (J Med Libr Assoc)

Gaps between best evidence and practice: causes for concern. (Med J Aust)

Getting research into clinical practice - barriers and solutions. (Caries Res)

Integrating the principles of evidence-based practice into clinical practice. (J Am Acad Nurse Pract)

Is evidence-based implementation of evidence-based care possible? (Med J Aust)

Is there life after evidence-based medicine? (J Eval Clin Pract)

Pharmaceutical industry sponsorship and research outcome and quality: systematic review (BMJ (2003))

The doctor, his patient, and the computerized evidence-based guideline. (J Eval Clin Pract)

The origins of medical evidence: communication and experimentation. (Med Health Care Philos)

What is evidence-based medicine and why should I care? (Respir Care)



Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine

Evidence-Based Medicine

Evidence-based Practice Centers

Guidelines Advisory Committee

National Guideline Clearinghouse

Ontario-Guidelines Advisory Committee


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