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We search the internet daily for over 130 topics - which include conditions and diseases, information on over 10 vitamin and 30 supplement-nutrition topics, and medical and health issues, such as environmental health, contaminants, patient safety, medical ethics, diet, fitness, exercise, prevention, and nutrition.

We select links for "News" articles, general "Articles", "Journal Articles" and "Internet Sites". One of our criterions for choosing an article is that it can be readily understood and the main points are made clear. Most News and Articles we select are easily readable. For those not experienced in reading Journal Articles (abstracts or the entire article), we suggest reading the introduction and conclusion first to learn the main points before reading the entire abstract or full article.

Our selection of articles is based on:

  • general interest of the information
  • the main points and evidence
  • type of information (reviews-priority)
  • source quality (peer-reviewed journals-priority)
  • general perceived quality of content

We are not a directly or indirectly sponsored site (pharmaceutical company). We are not influenced by external support since we do not take sponsorships or advertisements (from pharmaceutical companies or any company that might influence our selections). Our article selection goal is be totally un-biased, without any commercial influences.

The researchers who select our articles have extensive experience in biological research and have published in prestigious, peer-reviewed journals. They must not have any possibilities of conflict of interests in selection.

Primarily only free access articles are selected for our InfoMedLinks. Free registration is required to view some articles at medical and news sites, and sometimes for journal articles. For example, to view News articles from the Washington Post or New York Times, registration is required (free). Some articles are time-dependent and expire within a certain period (frequently 30 days). In some cases, the article can be retrieved from the source with a fee after expiration. For some important "view for cost" articles, we provide links to articles that summarize the information (free).

Often we search and read hundreds of articles before choosing an article to include in our InfoMedLinks. Our goal is to keep you updated with important articles for the subject and to save you time (we are always looking for good review articles).

Topics for InfoMedLinks include subjects we have been searching routinely for information since 1997. We have sub-categorized many of the topics. For example, many topics are categorized into 7 subtopics:

  1. "Diagnosis, Imaging, and Screening" (includes clinical diagnosis and guidelines, imaging techniques - e.g. x-rays, CT, PET - and lab tests)
  2. "General Information"
  3. "Guidelines" (includes evidence-based clinical practice guidelines published by government and medical organizations)
  4. "Internet Sites " (includes government, medical organizations, and pharmaceutical sites)
  5. "Risk Factors" (includes drugs, environment, genetics, and lifestyle)
  6. "Risk Reduction" (includes environment, lifestyle, nutrition, and supplements)
  7. "Treatment - Daily Report" (includes psychological therapies, drugs and side-effects and interactions, medical devices, radiotherapy and more)

Our Links to External Web Sites

InfoMedLinks links to various sites: government (e.g., U.S. National Institutes of Health, U.S. National Library of Medicine, UK National Health Service), journal publications (e.g., British Medical Journal, Journal of American Medical Association, Neurology), private organizations (e.g., Mayo Clinic), and other medical sites (e.g., Medscape). These links are provided for informational purposes only. They do not constitute an endorsement, and InfoMedSearch, LLC is not responsible or liable for any content, advertising, services or goods on or available from such web sites or resources.

All the external links open in a different browser window, and we have no control over the information viewed.

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