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We want to save valuable time for physicians, health care professionals, legal professionals, patients and consumers who are searching for medical and health information on the internet or in medical libraries. We provide Search Services where we search for medical and health information as requested by our customers, and InfoMedLinks where we search daily for articles on specific topics and make them available at our website. Our monthly Online Newsletter makes it easier to keep updated on a monthly basis. The goal of our site is to provide both a convenient and easy way to stay updated on specific medical and health topics and a search service which can be used to retrieve medical and health information.

We want to help healthcare professionals find the medical and health information they need on a daily basis. Instead of spending critical time searching, they can use the time more effeciently by just reading the information we provide, and then helping patients, rather than sitting at a computer or in the library for extensive time periods trying to find the appropriate material. In similar manner, legal professionals who represent healthcare professionals or patients can save valuable time by using our search services.

We want to help patients and caregivers better manage medical issues by providing selected articles from journals and other sources in order to keep them updated on topics important to them. By staying informed, patients and caregivers will better understand their medical and health concerns.

We believe people should read the research that medical guidelines and much of clinical practice is based on. Clinical practice based on scientific evidence is known as Evidence-Based Medicine (EBM) and should be an integral part of health care. EBM is an integration of clinical expertise, scientific evidence, and patient needs and values. Patients and caregivers should arm themselves with the best research available to ensure better medical care, to provide more protection and safety for themselves and others, and to be able to discuss the conditions with professionals more informatively so as to better lead to an understandable and fully agreed upon treatment plan. Patients and caregivers should weigh the scientific evidence (research results can be complex and contradictory) in alliance with an experienced health care professional .

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