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Brain Concussion

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Brain Concussion

General Information


Beware of 'Second-Impact Syndrome' After Concussions“Young athletes who return to play before a concussion fully heals and sustain another head injury can suffer serious and potentially deadly brain complications, an expert warns. Athletes under age 25 are especially vulnerable to "second-impact syndrome," according to Dr. James Kinderknecht, a sports medicine and shoulder service physician at the Hospital for Special Surgery in New York City.”

Concussion Alters Cerebral Blood Flow in Young Athletes

Concussions may be on the rise in high schoolers

Concussions Impair Cognitive Performance In College Athletes

Concussions Tied to Verbal Memory Loss in Young Athletes

Multiple Concussions Raise Teen Athletes' Health Risks

Sideline Test Accurately Detects Athletes' Concussions in Minutes, Study Shows

Sports-Related Brain Injuries in Kids Soar “Traumatic brain injuries in youth athletes climbed by 60% in the last decade, with young men injured playing football or biking accounting for most of the emergency room visits, data released on October 6th showed. But one reason for the rise might be increased awareness of the dangers of head injuries, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said in a report.”

Symptoms Persist After Minor Head Injury and Concussion



Concussive brain trauma in the mouse results in acute cognitive deficits and sustained impairment of axonal function. (J Neurotrauma. 2011)

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