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:: September 2014

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Cardiovascular: General

Epidemiological modelling of routine use of low dose aspirin for the primary prevention of coronary heart disease and stroke in those aged 70 (BMJ 2005) "Objective To investigate the routine use of low dose aspirin in people aged 70 without overt cardiovascular disease. Conclusion Epidemiological modelling suggests that any benefits of low dose aspirin on risk of cardiovascular disease in people aged 70 are offset by adverse events. These findings are tempered by wide confidence intervals, indicating that the overall outcome could be beneficial or adverse."

Cardiovascular: Stroke

The significance of prestroke aspirin dosage in fatal outcome of acute stroke. (Clin Neuropharmacol. 2005) "BACKGROUND: Aspirin is an effective and generally accepted treatment drug during the acute stage of ischemic brain infarction. CONCLUSION: Prestroke medium-dose aspirin treatment was associated with reduced 30-day poststroke mortality, whereas low-dose prestroke aspirin therapy was associated with increased 30-day poststroke mortality."


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