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:: September 2014

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Burden of rhinitis in children with asthma. (Pediatr Pulmonol. 2005) "Although the clinical association of allergic rhinitis and asthma has been recognized for centuries, in recent years the association appears to be stronger than was reported previously. 41.2% and 58.8% reported that their rhinitis symptoms caused a significant burden in their daily life and exacerbated their asthma, respectively, and almost 50% felt that their rhinitis had not been given significant consideration by their physician."

Sinusitis and Rhinosinusitis

Current thinking on the relationship between rhinosinusitis and asthma. (J Asthma. 2005) "Most recent evidence supports the characterization of rhinosinusitis and asthma as two compartmental expressions of a common mucosal susceptibility to exogenous stimuli. In addition, there is evidence that the compartmental processes can affect and amplify each other via a systemic intermediary. The bone marrow is involved in this process, and IL-5 may be a key cytokine for orchestrating the systemic interaction. These facts argue that rhinosinusitis and asthma are not simply localized disease processes but part of a systemic inflammatory disease affecting the respiratory tract."


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