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Child-Adolescent Nutrition & Overweight

:: September 2014

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Diet and Health

Development of Fatness, Fitness, and Lifestyle From Adolescence to the Age of 36 Years (Arch Intern Med. 2005) "Conclusions Fatness, fitness, and lifestyle are important determinants of the metabolic syndrome in young adults. More important, these associations were independent of each other and, therefore, represent separate potential targets for the prevention of the metabolic syndrome. Our study further suggests that intervening early in life (eg, in the period of transition from adolescence to adulthood) may be a fruitful area for prevention of the metabolic syndrome."

Fitness - Exercise

Sedentary behaviour, physical activity and weight problems in adolescents in Wales. (Public Health. 2005) "CONCLUSIONS: Sedentary behaviour and physical activity in early adolescence both influenced body mass in late adolescence. Results indicated that promoting healthy diets and physical activities may have long-term health benefits for young people."


Child-Adolescent Nutrition & Overweight


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