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Cognitive Decline - Dementia

:: September 2014

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Cardivascular: General

C-Reactive Protein and Cerebral Small-Vessel Disease. The Rotterdam Scan Study (Circulation 2005) "Background--Inflammatory processes are involved in the development and consequences of atherosclerosis. Whether these processes are also involved in cerebral small-vessel disease is unknown. Cerebral white matter lesions and lacunar brain infarcts are caused by small-vessel disease and are commonly observed on MRI scans in elderly people. These lesions are associated with an increased risk of stroke and dementia. ń Conclusions--Inflammatory processes may be involved in the pathogenesis of cerebral small-vessel disease, in particular, the development of white matter lesions."

Neural Injury: Neurodegeneration

Oxidative DNA damage in peripheral leukocytes of mild cognitive impairment and AD patients. (Neurobiol Aging. 2005) "It is well established that oxidative stress plays a key role in the degenerative neuronal death and progression of Alzheimer's disease (AD), although it is not clear if it is the primary triggering event in the pathogenesis of this disorder. Mild cognitive impairment (MCI) is a clinical condition between normal aging and AD, characterized by a memory deficit without loss of general cognitive and functional abilities. ń Our results give a further indication that oxidative stress, at least at the DNA level, is an earlier event in the pathogenesis of AD."


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