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:: September 2014

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Antioxidants and Oxidative Stress

Antioxidants May Not Help Fight Cancer "Studies examining large populations have also found a link between a diet rich in antioxidant-loaded fruits and vegetables and lower rates of cancer and heart disease. Some researchers believe that antioxidants might work only when they are in food, or that people who eat vitamin-rich food are healthier simply because they take better care of themselves. [however] '"The conclusions are consistent with other reviews that, in general, there's not convincing evidence that the use of antioxidant supplements, at least for short periods of time, provides any health benefit with respect to cancer," said Eric Jacobs, senior epidemiologist at the American Cancer Society.' "

Environmental Health

The epidemiology of pesticide exposure and cancer: A review. (Rev Environ Health. 2005) "Agricultural and industrial workers are high-risk groups for developing cancer following pesticide exposure. Children of farm workers can be exposed to pesticides through their parents. Maternal exposure to pesticides can pose a health risk to the fetus and the newborn. The organophosphates are most the commonly used compounds, but the organochlorines are still permitted for limited use in developing countries. Pesticide exposure, independently or in synergism with modifiable risk factors, is associated with several types of cancer."


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