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:: September 2014

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Patient Safety

Journal Commentary Labels FDA 'Timid and Toothless' " These controversies, Okie wrote, 'have raised questions about the agency's ability to fulfill one of its fundamental missions -- to ensure that the benefits of prescription drugs outweigh their risks.' In February 2004, one medical reviewer was prevented from presenting his findings linking the use of antidepressant drugs in youth with increased suicidality, and FDA whistleblower Dr. David Graham was told to alter the conclusions of his Vioxx study."

Evidence-Based Medicine

Of mites and men: reference bias in narrative review articles (THE JOURNAL OF FAMILY PRACTICE 2005) "Background: Citations in scientific articles may tend to favor the views presented. We studied whether there is such reference bias in narrative review articles that discuss interventions against house dust mites for people with asthma. We conclude that narrative review articles on house dust mites and asthma are severely biased in their selection of references and very unreliable in their intervention recommendations. This finding may be generalizable, since there is no reason to believe that physicians specializing in asthma should be more biased than others when they write reviews."


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